Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Third Chakra: Navel Center

Location: navel, solar plexus, liver, muscles, digestive system, pancreas, spleen

Human Development: Energy used in pursuit of power, achievement, social identity, and raw emotions

Positive Manifestation: Discipline, will power, self-control, and commitment

Negative manifestation: Greed, powerless, guilt, doubt, anger

Associated Illness: ulcers, hepatitis, hypoglycemia, gallstones

Somatic Sensation: Anticipation, grounding

Somatic Concept: Containment, confidence through preparation, courage and timeliness

Positive Aspect: intuition or gut feeling

Negative Aspect: Doubt or dread

Yoga Pose-Movement: Bow pose, Cat, Twist while sitting cross-legged

Human Potential: Assimilation; healthy emotional and energetic "digestion"

Some of the information from this blog post was obtained from Mind and Body Healing Through Awareness, Yoga and Somatic Integration by Linda Christy Weiler, M.S.

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