Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Express Yourself!

What is your self-expression? Millions of people are not expressing themselves in their work. You can see it in their faces in the subway in New York City. They do not look inspired. When some people wear a uniform, they do not feel like they are expressing themselves. I remember in Catholic high school where I had to wear a uniform. We had to wear collars. So I tore off an old white shirt and put its collar under a tank top. I had several detentions for uniforms my freshman year. The Dean of Women finally forgot about it and let me on my way. I was a good student.

What is your expression for you body. It need not be a "cookie cutter" body of aerobics instructors errs. By "cookie cutter" I mean a body that looks like many other bodies. It seems like people are striving for that. One of the earliest blogs was about how no two people have the same genetics or bodies. One person has a color eyes that no one has seen another person has a particular shape of biceps that no one saw. One person may have a big bottom. Several celebrities have made money off their distinct features. Love what is your own and what you cannot change, except perhaps by drastic measures. Then choose what you want and can change.

What is your true self-expression? Is it being a big bodybuilder? Is it being a welterweight boxer? Is it being slim with few muscles? Is it being voluptuous? First get your annual medical check-ups, connect with yourself to monitor how you feel and perform, and then choose what workout you want for the body you want.

And love yourself!

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Disclaimer: Information on this blog is posted for information purposes, not as a substitute for professional medical advice.

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