Friday, December 09, 2005

A Week's Quadriceps Training

Remember that quadriceps blog at the beginning of my blog page? My blogs have been a matrix of different spiritual and physical aspects to working out, in no particular order. Here is where I am choosing to place a week's quadriceps training plan. This is for intermediate fitness people. Do not forget to first consult a physician before working out and a personal trainer before taking on a new routine.

It is important to rest between quadriceps workouts, so this routine is to be done every other day. It does not include cardiovascular workouts. I recommend cardiovascular workouts and weights each gym day in order to work out your heart, lungs and muscles. Everything is interdependent. To get a good workout and burn fat, do cardiovascular routine for over 20 minutes. I recommend at least 30 minutes. Cardiovascular workout information will come in other blogs.

Do a ten-minute cardiovascular warm up before your quadriceps weights. Afterwards, do a ten-minute cardiovascular cool down. Stretch before your quadriceps workout. One way to stretch your quadriceps is to stand up and hold one leg at a time for at least five seconds bent behind your hips. Do this before and after your weight workout.

Day One

Do five sets of 10 repetitions of leg extension. Use a weight that gives you a workout but not severe pain.

Day Two

Do four sets of 15 squats. A squat blog will follow shortly. Make sure your legs are shoulder-width apart, you do not lock your knees and you move slowly for the full range of motion.

Day Three

Do four sets of 10 lunges holding a dumbbell in each hand. Use a weight that gives you a good resistance but not severe pain. One repetition is comprised of both knees going to the floor, in other words, two moves.

Day Four

Use the lying down leg press machine. Do four sets of ten repetitions with your heels on the edges of the machine. Get up and stretch.

Day Five

Use a big workout band. They sell them at some gyms and sports good places. Or you can buy them online. Stand. Place one end of the workout band under the ball of a foot. Put the other end of the workout band beneath your other foot. Secure your body against a wall for balance if you need to with the arm opposite the foot with the workout band around it. Lift your foot against the workout band pressure for four sets of ten. Repeat with the other foot by first changing the workout band positions. What a great workout this is! You will sweat and hardly move!

You may notice that you cannot take a day off in between workouts with these five exercises. So choose three per week and then stick with which three work for you per one-month cycle. Use the same exercises for one month, then change two exercises to get off a plateau!
Drink your water before, during and after exercising to match your body’s needs.

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Disclaimer: Information on this blog is posted for information purposes, not as a substitute for professional medical advice.

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