Thursday, December 15, 2005

Two Simple Latissimus Dorsi Exercises

The Latissimus Dorsi are some of the largest muscles of the body, and the largest muscles of the back. They help define your back and waist. They assist in your bringing objects down from over your heads toward your body or, if you are bent, lifting them from close to the ground to close to your body.

Choose a weight that gives you a workout, but does not give you severe pain. Choose a weight that you can lift for the full range of motion. Stand with legs shoulder width apart. Bend your knees slightly. Do not lock your elbows during the exercises. Breathe in when you extend your arm and breathe out when you lift the weight.

Here are the exercises:

1. Use a pulldown machine. Keep your shoulders down. Grasp the bar and bring it down behind your neck. Then let it go slowly. Do four sets of ten repetitions.

2. Use dumbbells. Bend forward slightly and use one arm to support your weight against a surface such as a weight rack. Hold a dumbbell with the other arm lifted behind you so that the shoulder and elbow can be as close to 180 degrees as possible. Lift the arm up, pointing the elbow up until you cannot go up and back more due to your shoulders. When you extend your arm, do not lock the elbow. Do four sets of ten repetitions.

As with other muscle groups, rest in between days where you use the triceps as primary muscles in an exercise. Have fun!

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